X Imp (1999)

This film is a prime example of the best exploitation filmmaking that the Hong Kong cinema had to offer circa 1999. X Imp actually has a few things going for it that may interest some hardcore fans but anybody looking for some horror movie thrills best look elsewhere. Director/screenwriter Kenneth Lau Hau-Wai and producer/screenwriter Peter Cheung Wing-Yiu made a number of low budget films using the talents of second and third tier movie stars like Diana Pang Dan, Simon Loui, and Pinky Cheung Man-Chi. They hired cinematographer Ally Wong to shoot this movie. He does some nice work here with lighting and hand held set-ups, managing to capture some eerie images while shooting totally on the fly.

Filmmakers try making Connie Chan (What ever happened to....?) a movie star but she is just not visually compelling enough to carry a project like this. This film is like a second cousin in spirit to Billy Chung's Last Ghost Standing. Director Lau cast Michael Wong Man-Tak to appear in some short scenes as a police detective[?] and lets him speak some English. Pinky Cheung and Simon Loui appear to be having a good time while Diana Pang Dan looks like she might be anorexic. My favorite scenes in this film involve Lee Siu-Kei portraying a Catholic priest who wears a crucifix that Flava Flav would be proud of.

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