Wong Jing

Master Filmmaker

Writer - Producer - Director - Actor

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Naked Killer 2009

Holy Weapon!

The Vampire Who Admires Me [2008]!
Raped by an Angel 5: the Final Judgement [2000]!
Stephen Chow and Wong Jing reunite for Tricky Master[1999]
Pinky Cheung and Anthony Wong star in Erotic Nightmare[1999]
Prince Charming [1999] - written, produced, and directed by Wong Jing!
A True Mob Story [1998] - written, produced, and directed by Wong Jing!
Legend of the Liquid Sword [1993] produced and directed by Wong Jing!
Directed by Clarence Ford and written by Wong Jing - Cheap Killers [1998]!
A Chinese Torture Chamber Story II [1998], a Wong Jing production!
Produced by Wong Jing, Raped by an Angel 3 [1998]
Jet Li stars in Wong Jing's High Risk! [1995]
Wong Jing's New Legend of Shaolin [1994] starring Tze Miu & Jet Li
Wong Jing's Kung Fu Cult Master [1993] with Jet Li & Sammo Hung!
Wong Jing's City Hunter [1992]
Wong Jing's God of Gamblers [1987]