Wonder Seven (1994)

Wonder Seven is, for me, an extremely entertaining movie. Having stated that, one of the most remarkable things about the film is that, in two weeks playing at the local cinemas, it only managed to take in about HK$118,000 at the box office. By early 1994, Hong Kong people had tired of wuxia films in general.

Thank goodness we live in this digital age. If we didn't, Wonder Seven would be buried deep in the darkest part of the Vault of Cinema Obscura. After his run with the Chinese Ghost Story films and the 2 Swordsman sequels, Tony Ching Siu-Tung joins forces with Hung Yan-Yan who was red hot after his success with the Once Upon a Time in China series. The result is a truly enjoyable popcorn movie as the director applies all the tricks they learned to a lightweight scenario set in the present.

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