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On Feb. 8, 2009, I suffered a personal tragedy that has changed me forever. My daughter Caitlin, who was 20 years old at the time, passed from this life. She had spent hours and hours with me, sitting on my lap or standing over my shoulder as I built this website from scratch; Cait was 9 years old when I started this thing. She learned to love cinema from me and was always curious about Hong Kong movies and what I was watching or writing about. She loved American independent films and even produced a film project which remains unfinished. A day does not pass for me now that I don't shed tears. I'm not writing reviews anymore but I'm keeping up the current releases from HK. These days I'm playing my guitars more and more seeking solace in music which was another artform that my daughter loved. She was a drummer in high school, had her own Ludwig kit but never got a formal band together. The words "I miss her" aren't expressive enough. Happy Fortune will remain on the web for as long as I can afford it, I guess.
I had my reviews published in Asian Cult Cinema, a quarterly digest that used to be called "Asian Trash Cinema" until that title was deemed politically incorrect . ACC has always been a good source for information on the subject of genre films from Asia. Some of my reviews were originally published in issues #9 thru #13. I hope you enjoy my reviews and, if so, you'll seek out some of the films for your viewing pleasure!
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