To Where He Belongs (2000)

Simon Yam Tat-Wah and Gigi Lai Chi are two-thirds of a triad love triangle in a new film directed by cinematographer turned director Ally Wong Ka-Fai. Though one might admire his interesting choices of subject matter and mise-en-scene, his first three films were low/no budget projects that had very little success at the box office. To Where He Belongs is Ally Wong's fourth feature film as a director. With this film, production values are higher but most of the money went to paying the lead actors.

An oddball screenplay blends a bizarre love story with a generic triad revenge melodrama. Simon Yam turns in an unusually gentle, sympathetic performance as a gangster boss who falls in love with a young girl who also happens to be dating his younger henchman. Director Wong continues to develop his quirky, experimental directorial style making To Where He Belongs a unique cinematic viewing experience for the discriminating viewer.

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