Tiger Cage III [1991]

If you are looking for action, see this jewel from now world famous director Yuen Wo-Ping. A second sequel in name only, Tiger Cage III has great martial arts action blended into a police thriller of a different nature. Michael Wong Man-Tak and Cheung Kwok-Leung are Hong Kong detectives that work for the Criminal Crimes Bureau. They look to take down white-collar criminals guilty of financial dirty dealing. There is a lot of gray area in their police work which allows them to benefit financially from insider information, but they still get to fire weapons and kick ass.

Tiger Cage III is really Sharla Cheung Man's movie. Her character is a player in the glamorous world of high finance and big money intrigue. She gets to manipulate every male character drawn in the scenario with her guile and bewitching beauty. Director Yuen is clearly smitten with his leading lady. Every cool action sequence is separated by scenes where the screen is filled with Ms. Cheung. She's even in some of the action scenes which make it all quite compelling and enjoyable.

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