Throw Down (2004)

I'm conflicted about Johnnie To as a film artist. There are a couple of his films I find absolutely dreadful. His RUNNING ON KARMA from last year I thought was really wonderful. THROW DOWN is a remarkably engaging film that fascinated me throughout. Director To dedicates the film to the Japanese master film maker Akira Kurosawa and the film is a homage to one of Kurosawa's early films about judo.

Everyone practices judo or so it seems in the Hong Kong of this movie. Beyond that, the rest of the scenario is kind of pointless, in a cool way. It's easy to understand why festival audiences dig this kind of stuff. Louis Koo Tin-Lok and Aaron Kwok Fu-Sing have never looked so good or had better material to work with. Cherrie Ying Choi-Yi is very good in her role and is able to hold her own on the screen. All technical aspects of the movie are of the highest quality.

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