The Wesley's Mysterious Story (2002)

Irony and sarcasm make strange bedfellows. One thing I can't stand reading are so-called film reviews by smart alecks who have seen only a handful of Hong Kong movies and feel compelled to slag off for fun a few negative words about the work of filmmakers who have reached a level of achievement that the little snot noses could ever hope to reach. I hope all my readers will recognize this as sarcasm and appreciate the irony.

Best for me to quote hkMdb reviewer MrBooth as follows; "The sets, costumes, general cinematography & editing are all top notch - a visually very slick movie... for the most part. The movie does suffer from some really badly done CGI, which is particularly disappointing after the relatively ground-breaking effects work in AVENGING FIST."

Yea, I liked that movie, as well. Mr. Lau is one of my favorite director/cinematographers and I'm proud to defend any of his movies. This one is a science fiction film, right? Written by Wong Jing and Thirteen Chan, this movie was also produced by Mr. Wong. I have no choice other than to like the movie because I have been fully indoctrinated.

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