The Spy Dad (2003)

This is a very entertaining comedy by master filmmaker Wong Jing. While the film's advertising spins The Spy Dad as a spoof of the popular Robert Rodriquez family films, it's got all the usual features that you would expect from Mr. Wong, though the humor is a bit more high-brow than some of his other comedies. Tony Leung Ka-Fai stars as a Hong Kong movie star who can't quite live up to his "on-screen" personas.

The plot's lunacy features Jordan Chan Siu-Chun, Elvis Tsui Kam-Kong, and Eric Kot Man-Fai as high-tech spy vs. spy characters. Gillian Chung Yan-Tung plays it cute as Mr. Leung's daughter who is trying to get him to reconcile with her mom [Candice Yu On-On]. Look for the real star of Men Suddenly in Black (2003), veteran actress Teresa Mo Sun-Kwan, as she does more great comedic work in this film.

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