The New Option (2002)

Patrick Tam Yiu-Man and Michael Wong Man Tak in the third sequel to the worldwide box office hit The Final Option. This time around Gordon Chan Ka-Seung handles the producing chores while Clarence Ford is credited as the director of this film presented by Wong Jing.

The film is technically superb. The basic cops and robbers’ story follows by the numbers the formula that worked so well in the earlier films. In fact, the film is so by the numbers that I suspect "director" Clarence Ford spent little time on the set. [The print of the film I saw did not have a credit for Ford.] You'll have to look hard for them but there are some very "Fordian" touches that the acclaimed auteur managed to work into the film.

Patrick Tam Yiu-Man gives, as usual, a chilling performance as the bad guy who is really despicable. The screenplay gives him plenty of chances to be a nasty son of a bitch. Michael Wong Man Tak gives his usual wooden performance which works beautifully here as the calculating SDU commander named Stone.

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