Jackie Chanís The Myth [2005]

This is a review of the English language American version of The Myth released in the US as "Jackie Chanís The Myth". The DVD presents a Cantonese soundtrack and an English-dubbed soundtrack that makes some of the performers sound a little disconcerting.

As a cinema patron, I enjoy films that fit into the 90 minute format. Anything more than 95-100 minutes is far too long. I canít handle 2 hours movies and 2:20 is just something Iím not going to sit through. In the comfort of my living room, Iíll watch those longer films and the pause/fast-forward button on the remote may get heavy use if things start to drag. Regarding Jackie Chanís films, Iíve been less than satisfied with his recent Hollywood sojourn. When The Myth was originally released it was too long for me. I was glad Chan was back working with one of his best directors and, importantly, away from ďHollywoodĒ.

This English version is real good. Chan and Tong have managed to capture some of the spirit and goodness of Chanís Armour of God/Operation Condor films. The story is tight, fast moving and compelling. The casting of ďbigĒ Tony Leung is sheer genius. His subtle comedy is a nice juxtaposition to Chanís comedic antics and facial mugging. The action set pieces in this are as inventive, entertaining and better than anything Chan has done in the last decade. One of my favorite cinematographers, Horace Wong Wing-Hang brought his ďAĒ game to this project. The film looks great; the colors are so beautiful.

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