The Death Curse (2003)

Best described as a teenage horror comedy, here are some young pop singers making movies and trying to cash in at the box office. The film features Gillian Chung Yan-Tung and Charlene Choi Cheuk-Yin from the girl group The Twins paired up with Steven Cheung Chi-Hang and Kenny Kwan Chi-Bun from the boy band The Boy'z to play siblings along with Alex Fong Chung-Sun and Raymond Wong Ho-Yin.

Although played for laughs, this movie has a somewhat dark and disturbing story. When a rich old man dies, he leaves a huge fortune to his eight children. This old boy was quite the player, all eight children are from 6 different wives, all from different countries. With his last will and testament, he brings them all together at his eerie mansion in the spooky Thailand countryside. Once they are together, all sorts of creepy things start to befall the group.

With the always wonderful Alex Fong to hold it together, the entire cast does nice work, especially young Raymond Wong. Lawrence Chou Chun-Wai plays Gillian's nosy, quirky neighbor who has a crush on her. New Wave horror director Cheang Pou-Soi creates some genuine spooky suspense from a screenplay that has holes in it so big you could drive a truck through them. You won't mind at all because all this is extremely well produced, beautifully edited, and wonderfully scored.

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