Teenage Master[1995]
Director: Lam Wai Lun
Producer: Wong Jing
Screenplay: Lau Jun-Wai, Cheuk Bing
Action Director: Yuen Tak
Cast: Tze Miu, Ng Man-Tat, Ken Lo

A classic "star vehicle" is every way, Teenage Master is a showcase for the young Tze Miu. Released in the summer of 1995, the film is a light-hearted family comedy involving a father and son duo from mainland China and their misadventures in Hong Kong. The movie features Ng Man-Tat, Ken Lo and Ngai Sing in supporting roles.

I saw this film in a NYC Chinatown theater as the bottom half of a double bill with Wong Jing's High Risk starring Jet Li. Teenage Master was well received by the packed audience who laughed and applauded every gag and stunt that the young actor performed.

The film has some good kung fu action scenes with Tze Miu defending his school pals and with his dad, Ken Lo, fighting off thugs on the darker streets of Hong Kong. The finale involves a school play, some bullies seeking revenge, outrageous skateboarding stunts, and a shoot-out in a hospital.

copyright 1996 J. Crawford

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