Super Car Criminals (2000)

To celebrate the Year of the Dog, a dear colleague of mine sent me a DVD of Super Car Criminals. I've spent five years avoiding this film based solely on my despising Ricky Lau Koon-Wai's direction of Pinky Cheung in The Temptation of Office Ladies. My friend has always said that I should see this film, if only to appreciate the performance of Simon Loui.

Well, yes. Loui's performance is chock full of the usual verve and humor that he has become famous for. Remarkably, Michael Wong's performance is quite strong; none of his usual wooden stylings here. This group of actors, Loui and Wong along with Louis Koo and Roy Cheung, can always be counted on to bring good energy to any film project.

With this group, director Lau benefits greatly. Unfortunately, the screenplay lets everyone down. It is full of many good ideas, but all are left underdeveloped. Frankly, this is probably due more to political climate than any lack of talent. Super Car Criminals is really one of the best film titles ever. So great, in fact, that it conjures images so grand that no movie made could ever live up to it.

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