Slim Till Dead (2005)

As the total number of films produced by the Hong Kong film industry continues to fall lower with each passing year, it is comforting to know that any project Wong Jing puts his name on will guarantee a satisfactory viewing experience.

On this film, executive producer Wong handles the writing chores and crafts a multilayered screenplay that mixes some finely drawn interpersonal relationships with a sleek, strangely inventive murder mystery. He casts himself in a comedic supporting role and hands off the directing chores to his long time protege, editor turned director Marco Mak Chi-Sin.

Looking painfully thin, Anthony Wong Chau-Sang gives another strong, yet subtle performance as a troubled police detective. His relationship with his wife, played wonderfully by Sheren Tang Shui Man, is the real high point of the scenario. The murder mystery features lots of eye candy with the buxom models but relatively little gore, compared to what you may have seen if this was made in 1995.

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