Set to Kill [2005]

Set to Kill (2005) is a fine film that deserves greater recognition and praise in the lofty arena of global cinema. Already a big star in Hong Kong cinema, "new wave" director Marco Mak Chi-Sin continues to outdo himself with each new project. After a string of box office hits like Cop on a Mission (2001), The Peeping (2002), and Colour of the Truth (2003), Mak seems to have carte blanche when it comes to his career choices.

Raymond Wong Ho-Yin stars as a triad bodyguard on a deadly mission. Sure, I know that this sounds like the plot of many recent Hong Kong movies but screenwriter Tai Tak-Kwong has given Mr. Mak an exciting, fresh take on the subject matter. Good casting and outstanding production design keep the scenario compelling at every maddening twist. Ning Jing carries the film with a sultry, seductive performance that leads the viewer through this suspenseful action film. Well done, Mr. Mak! Set to Kill is a visual tour-de-force.

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