Saga of the Phoenix [1990]

Back in 20th century when I was a young person, if something was deemed to be a bit different from what was accepted as "normal" by cultural standards, that thing was said to be "flipped out". The phrase generally had a good connotation though things could be "flipped out" in a bad way.

Saga of the Phoenix is a perfect example of a movie sequel that is badly flipped out. The scenario is flipped out. The acting is flipped out. The two directors, Lau Shut-Yue and Lam Nai-Choi are flipped out, just look at their filmographies. Sometimes, the best intentions go badly awry. They didn't set out to make a bad movie, but they did. Flipped out, eh? The dazzling special effects are flipped out in a good way, as is the overall production design. The level of weirdness will keep you interested if you like this sort of fantasy film.

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