Screening Room
Gordan Chan's 2000 A.D.[2000] starring Aaron Kwok and Daniel Wu VCD
From his novel, written and directed by Julian Lee, The Accident [1998]
Ringo Lam's The Adventurers [1995] - Andy Lau stars VHS
A Cat III anthology film - Amazing Stories - Adults Only > VVHS
Billy Chung's Assassin [1993] - An over-the-top swordsman movie VHS
Steve Cheng's Bio-Cops [2000] with Sam Lee DVD
Rosamund Kwan stars in A Bite of Love [1990] - Directed by Stephen Shin VHS
Jet Li stars in the Tsui Hark-produced Black Mask [1996]
Ronnie Yu's The Bride with White Hair [1993] VHS
Wilson Yip's Bullets Over Summer [1999] VCD
Directed by Clarence Ford and Written by Wong Jing - Century of the Dragon [1999]
Directed by Clarence Ford and Written by Wong Jing - Cheap Killers [1998] VCD
Francis Ng stars in Chinese Midnight Express 2 [1999] directed by Kant Leung
Check out A Chinese Torture Chamber Story II [1998]
Wong Jing's City Hunter [1992] is my favorite Jackie Chan film VHS
Sophie Ngan stars in Sam Ho's Conspiracy [2000] VCD
Sammo Hung's Encounter of the Spooky Kind [1980]
Pinky Cheung and Anthony Wong star in Steve Cheng's Erotic Nightmare[1999] VCD
Anthony Wong is featured in Steve Cheng's Evil Fade[2000] with Simon Lui VCD
One of the best films of 1998, Expect the Unexpected, directed by Patrick Yau
Directed by Bruce Law, Extreme Crisis[1998] is explosive
Jackie Chan and Bridget Lin are featured in Fantasy Mission Force VCD
Sophie Ngan and Sam Lee star in Fing's Raver [2001] VCD
Anthony Wong and Louis Koo star in god.com [1998]
Wong Jing's God of Gamblers [1987]
Wong Jing's God of Gamblers Return [1994]
Mark Cheng in Francis Nam's Guilty or Not [2000] VCD
David Chiang and Ti Lung are The Heroic Ones directed by Chang Cheh
Jet Li stars in Stephen Tung Wai's Hitman [1998]
Daniel Wu stars in Dante Lam's Hit Team [2001]
Jackie Cheung and Jet Li appear in Wong Jing's High Risk [1995]
A Classic Shaw Bros. Production - Inframan is Power!
Dante Lam's Jiang Hu - The Triad Zone [2000] stars Sandra Ng.
Billy Chung's Killer [2000] with Jordan Chan and Simon Lui VCD
Karen Mok steals the show in Stephen Chiau's King of Comedy[1999]
Tsui Hark's Knock Off [1998] action directed by Sammo Hung
Wong Jing's Kung Fu Cult Master[1993] with Jet Li & Sammo Hung
Andrew Lau's The Legend Of Speed[1999]
Wong Jing's Legend of the Liquid Sword [1993] with Aaron Kwok VCD
Tony Leung and Lau Ching Wan star in Patrick Yau's The Longest Nite [1998]
Wong Jing's New Legend of Shaolin [1994] starring Tze Miu & Jet Li
Ekin Cheng stars in Andrew Lau's A Man Called Hero [1999]
Jackie Chan is Mr. Nice Guy [1997] with direction by Sammo Hung
Gordon Chan's Okinawa Rendez-vous [2000] VCD
Jimmy Wang Yu and David Chiang together in The One Armed Swordsmen
"The Classic" - One Armed Against Nine Killers starring Jimmy Wang Yu
Produced by Gordan Chan, Dante Lam's Option Zero [1997]
Check out Prince Charming [1999] - written, produced, and directed by Wong Jing
From Jackie Chan's golden era, Project A II [1987] is a brilliant masterpiece
Aman Chang's Raped by an Angel 3: Office Lady Temptation [1998] with Pinky Cheung
Billy Tang's Raped by an Angel 5: The Final Judgement [2000] with Pinky Cheung
Jimmy Wang Yu stars in Return of the Chinese Boxer [1975]
Sam Ho's Romancing Bullet [2000] VCD
Lam Wai Lun's Teenage Master [1995]
Louis Koo and Alex Fong star in Steve Cheng's The Rules of the Game [1999] VCD
Ronnie Yu's The Saviour [1980] - a police thriller
Billy Tang's Sexy and Dangerous [1996]
Kant Leung's Sexy and Dangerous II [2000]
Andrew Lau's The Storm Riders[1998]
Stanley Tong turns Jackie Chan into a Hong Kong Supercop [1992]
Pinky Cheung stars in Ricky Lau's The Temptation of Office Ladies [2000] VCD
Some say Jackie Chan took a wrong turn in Thunderbolt [1995]
Ekin Cheng stars in Jingle Ma's Tokyo Raiders [2000] VCD
Stephen Chow and Wong Jing reunite for Tricky Master [1999]
Anthony Wong stars in Ungrateful Tink [1999]
Lau Ching Wan and Tony Leung star in Ringo Lam's Victim[1999]
Carrie Ng and Anthony Wong in Cheung Bing Chan's X-Cop Girls [2000] VCD
Andrew Lau's Young and Dangerous 4 [1997] VCD
Hsu Chi returns in Andrew Lau's Young and Dangerous 5 [1998] VCD

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