Here are some short takes on some films from 2000
Killer - Jiang Hu - Guilty or Not - Bio-Cops
All images courtesy of the Happy Fortune Collection
One of the best of 2000!

Killer - Director Billy Chung made some good movies this past year. This one and Paramount Motel are 2 of my favorite films of 2000. Very stylish.

Jiang Hu - I loved this one. I think Dante Lam may be ready to surpass Gordon Chan as a filmmaker in his own right. Another film that Sandra Ng is magical in her performance.
Directed by Dante Lam!
Misses the mark!

Guilty or Not - This was pretty compelling for the first hour or so, but in the end, it didn't deliver. I thought Mark Cheng looked silly with blond hair! A lot of references to John Woo's work in the end was just too much.

Bio-Cops - Seeing Sam Lee and Samuel Leung in the same scenes was very funny. I came to this with high expectations and was disappointed in director Steve Cheng. This could've been more than just a bad remake of Bio-Zombie.

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