The New Legend of Shaolin

The young martial arts champion, Tze Miu, was teamed up with a former young champion, Jet Li, in a Wong Jing film called "New Legend of Shaolin". This was one of Jet's best historical films and the young star was a big part of the success. A classic martial arts movie, "New Legend of Shaolin" tells the story of Hung Hey-Kwun and his son as they try to elude the Government agents trying to kill them. Action Director Corey Yuen Kwai uses the skills of the young performer with a combination of outstanding camera setups to create incredible martial arts sequences.

The plot involves a Shaolin treasure map tattooed on the backs of 5 young students. Master Hung's mission is to protect them from a great villain, the "Poisonous Monk" who attacks in an armored motorized chariot! [Hey, it's a Wong Jing film, right?] Some of the best scenes are done with Tze and Jet Li working together doing Thundering Spear kung fu. As the devoted son, Tze's character, Man Ting, mirrors his fathers every action. When Tze and the other child actors are on screen, the film is amazing. They challenge and fight like the grown-ups. They talk of starting their own school and fight to see whose name the new school shall bear. Of course the young master Hung is victorious, displaying great dignity and pride.

That's entertainment! Anyone who is interested in Jet Li's middle career should check this out along with "Kung Fu Cult Master" and "Last Hero in China".

Copyright1996 J. Crawford

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