Police Story [1985]

September 2006 marks the twentieth anniversary of Jackie Chan's Police Story at the extremely prestigious New York Film Festival. The film was screened before an eager audience of cinema cognoscenti and industry insiders. Jackie was introduced to the viewers beforehand and received a round of polite applause. I remember him wearing a snappy yellow and white outfit. He bowed and seemed quite nervous.

Inside the Walter Reade Theatre, the presentation of the film was glorious, a flawless 35 mm print projected on a pristine screen. The sound quality was perfect. Police Story is a captivating movie, an awesome achievement. It is still one of my favorite films of all time.

After the screening, the film received exuberant applause from the now electrified audience. Jackie was brought back out onstage for an informal Q&A with the assembly. Through an interpreter, Jackie awkwardly responded to a few questions before being hustled off to a Film Society member's only cocktail reception.

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