My Wife's Lover (1992)

This film is about 20 minutes worth of dramatic action stretched to about 87 minutes with soft-core pornography. The male lead in this film is so dumb that he never figures out that his wife is having a lesbian relationship with an amateur photographer she introduces to him for an advertising campaign they are working on. Even after the wife poses for sensual, nude photos and spends time dining and traveling with the bi-sexual photographer, the dummy husband still doesn't get it.

Director Kevin Chu is a good cinematographer. He shoots the sexual content with a nice, sensual look and feel. His direction falls flat and the performances he elicits from the 3 leads are corny and wooden. As a dramatic film, My Wife's Lover is not good, but if you consider it as a "soft-core" movie, it's pretty okay. Maria Tung Ling and Yamaguchi Keiko look real nice with their clothes off.

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