Mr. Coconut (1989)

Michael Hui Koon-Man stars as Mr. Coconut, a considerate and good natured country bumpkin from mainland China who has lots of obnoxious habits. He is invited by his sister to live with her and her family in Hong Kong for a few months. His brother-in-law, a cowardly shoes salesman played by Raymond Wong Pak-Ming, is less than enthusiatic to have him live with them in their already crammed apartment.

Mr. Coconut has many hilarious misadventures trying to adapt to the new, modern environment while his mischievous niece keeps misleading him. As the family grudgingly learns to accept him, they grow to appreciate his presence. With his simple, direct approach to life, Mr. Coconut influences each of their lives for the better. Produced and directed by Clifton Ko Chi-Sum, this is a hilarious comedy with a social message typical of most of Michael Hui's comedies. Screenplay by Michael Hui Koon-Man, Raymond Wong Pak-Ming, and the director is similiar to the Hollywood film Uncle Buck. Hui was nominated for Best Actor at the Hong Kong Film Awards in 1990.

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