Middle Man (1990)

In the Line of Duty 5 continues the saga of the feisty female police detective. Cynthia Khan reprises her role for D&B Film's house producer Stephen Shin, who follows the formula he established with his earlier sequels. Ms. Khan has a charismatic screen persona that brings up everyone in the scene with her, which helps David Ng Dai-Wai seem way less annoying than he really is. It's nice to see that Lo Lieh could act circles around some of this cast.

This film is pretty much one jaw-dropping action sequence after another, intercut with lamebrain spy melodrama and some comedic shenanigans that fall flat. Chris Lee Kin-Sang's action direction is the real star of the film. The choreography and camera coverage gave director Cha Chuen-Yee and his editor's outstanding footage to cut together.

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