Man Wanted (1995)

Back in the days before he was handpicked by Jackie Chan to be his "by proxy" director, Benny Chan Muk-Sing worked with talented producers Johnnie To, who gave him his first chance, and Tsui Hark, whose reputation was world renowned. With Man Wanted, he took over the producing chores, with some help, and started working on his "turn them loose" style of working with actors that makes him a perfect choice for Jackie and which he has continued to develop with films like Heroic Duo [2003] and Divergence [2005].

One of a filmmaker's most important decisions is in the casting of the actors and here Chan made two clever choices. Simon Yam Tat-Wah and Yu Rong-Guang are a perfect fit for this director. In this film, both do a great job playing opposite each other, shredding scene after scene. Besides the always interesting Law Kar-Ying, everyone else in the cast is nice set dressing. Cinematographer Chim Ang-Hung makes everything look dark and foreboding while action director Ma Yuk-Sing keeps the action flowing hard and fast.

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