Love On the Rocks (2004)

This ill-conceived romantic comedy has little romance and almost no laughs. It is amazing that talented filmmakers like Chan Hing-Kar and Dante Lam Chiu-Yin could make such a bad film. Their biggest mistake was casting Louis Koo Tin-Lok as the lead actor. Comedy is not this actor's strong suit and much of the scenario depends on the main character's oddball personality to trigger the laughs.

Best scene in the movie is the opening sequence were thrifty Ming [Koo] takes girlfriend Annie [Gigi Leung Wing-Kei] to a cheap all-you-can-eat dinner on Valentine's Day. As they share a hot-pot meal, Ming invites his nerdy pal named "Ong Bak" to join them, much to Annie's chagrin. At least Ms. Leung has some ability to do comedy. She also has some good scenes with Donnie Yen Ji-Dan who is like a fish out of water in this movie. Production values are high and cinematographer Horace Wong Wing-Hang makes everyone look good.

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