Lost and Found (1996)

This movie is a powerful display of filmmaking skills by writer, producer, and director Lee Chi-Ngai. Lost and Found is a compelling work that takes the viewer on an esoteric, emotional journey through themes of illness and loss, love and living in a world that is as cruel and harsh as it is wonderful and joyful. The writing is superb; the screenplay is rich and textured. Executive producer Claudie Chung Chun shows his genius here, working to provide Mr. Lee everything he would need to get his vision up on the screen.

The cast of supporting actors in Lost and Found goes a long way in making the three lead actors look good. Look for the beautiful and talented Josie Ho Chiu-Yee as Kelly Chan Wai-Lam's friend and the always interesting Henry Fong Ping as Kelly's shipping magnate father. Cheung Tat-Ming and Jordan Chan Siu-Chun keep it interesting, playing quirky characters in Kaneshiro Takeshi's quirky character's world.

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