Lethal Angels (2006)

The American television mega-hit series Charlie's Angels had a huge impact on the Hong Kong movie business. There have been about 20 films made based on the basic premise of that show. One angel or as many as 7 angels; deadly, silver, killing, raging, martial, and fallen angels have graced the big screen. Now we have Lethal Angels from excellent director Steve Cheng Wai-Man working from a screenplay by someone named Wai Lam who, I would bet you HK$1.00, is Wong Jing writing under a pseudonym. This film is kissing cousins to the Naked Killer/Raped by An Angel films; the scenario features some of the most prurient material to slide by the censors in quite some time, as well as some of the most implausible events you might imagine, and all of it is great fun.

Jordan Chan and Andy On play a couple of undercover cops with various issues. While on a surveillance assignment in a nightclub, their target is assassinated by a trio of, you guessed it, lethal "angels". Cherrie Ying Choi-Yi who is always easy to watch is one of a band of "troubled" young women who have had various unfortunate events happen to them and/or their families. They are rescued and trained in the deadly arts by scrappy Li Fei, a Wong Jing regular who always manages an interesting performance, playing a woman scorned, hell-bent on revenge.

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