Leave Me Alone (2004)

Please. Leave me alone. Danny Pang Fat writes, directs, and co-produces a dark, yet light hearted movie that explores the workings of the triad thriller while blending in spicy bits of romance. He does a nice job continuing the look and feel of his earlier work with his brother, Oxide Pang Shun, who co-produces here while directing a companion piece, Abnormal Beauty (2004).

The best thing about the film is the tight, inventive writing. It starts with the twin thing, works through a triad revenge scenario that includes murder, mayhem, drug dealing, and a sparking car chase. Ekin Cheng, playing twin brothers, and Gillian Chung do a nice job handling the nuances of the dark comedy that made me laugh out loud. Production design and editing are remarkable. This is a very good film. Leave me alone. Please.

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