Kung Fu Mahjong 2 (2005)

With producer Ivy Kong Yuk-Yee, Wong Jing continues to develop the mahjong king genre of Hong Kong Cinema. Kung Fu Mahjong 2 perpetuates the saga of Auntie Fei and Chi Mo Sai with Yuen Qiu and Yuen Wah reprising their roles from the earlier film.

Rare it is that a sequel betters an original film. Here, this is the case. Wong Jing turns over the writing chores to Fung Keung and helps the writer follow the workshop formula, taking out what didn't work in the first film [Roger Kwok] and replacing it with something that does work [more pretty girls]. Director Wong gets a classy, tender performance from Cherrie Ying Choi-Yi as Fannie, a girl who loses her cheating husband in a mahjong game with her rival. Later, through her mental anguish, she loses her skills at winning mahjong.

As it turns out, she was trained by the same master [played by Wong Tin-Lam] as Auntie Fei. With the help of Fei and some other junior students of master Three Tiles, Fannie is soon back to her winning ways. Actor Wong Jing reprises his role as Tin Kau Ko, the mahjong villain. During the mahjong tournament, check out the hilarious lampooning of Thai martial arts star, Tony Jaa and "Himalaya Singh," each with a unique mahjong cheating style.

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