Killer's Romance (1990)

Here's yet another chapter in the young filmmakers guide to low budget filmmaking. This is where you put the financing together to shoot your movie on location in England. You get two of the hottest young stars to appear in your film. Problems arise when you don't have such a good script. There's not that much dialogue for the romantic leads so you film them, together and separately, looking forlorn and lovesick in the wintry British countryside. It's okay because you will be able to save your footage in post-production by mixing in some nice romantic, orchestral music.

Meanwhile, the leading man kills everyone around to avenge his father's death. Killer's Romance is saved by a compelling, brash performance by Simon Yam Tat-Wah, who really goes for the gusto in every scene. Joey Wong Cho-Yin is soft and dreamy and pretty much wasted here except for some bits near the end. As an actor, Philip Ko Fei is a funny, energetic performer, but as a director, he's not so hot.

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