Just One Look (2002)

Here is a great movie. A joyous film from writer and director Riley Yip Kam-Hung that is sensitive and heartwarming. A coming of age scenario set in the 70's, about 2 young men who work in their family business's which happen to be food concessions in front of the local cinema. Everything in the film is related to movies. Pivotal scenes take place in the cinema. Every character in the film shares one thing in common; a love of movies and the world's that the cinema-going experience opens to each of them.

The screenplay is lovingly crafted and the production is luscious to behold. Mr. Yip gets nice, subtle performances from the young cast members while he manages to corral the talent of Anthony Wong Chau-Sang into one of his best performances ever. This is one of those films you must see, if you consider yourself a Hong Kong cinephile.

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