Slim Till Dead (2005)

Andrew Lau Wai-Keung and Alan Mak Siu-Fai keep their outstanding collaboration going with the new film, Initial D. If you are reading this, you should know that I am a sucker for films about cars and racing competition. Working from a finely crafted screenplay by Felix Chong Man-Keung, producer Lau gets his moneys worth of production value up on the screen.

While the movie was promoted as a vehicle for the cast of young actors, itís the older, seasoned performers that steal the show. Kenny Bee and Anthony Wong Chau-Sang are a joy to behold. Wong is so good here that not only did he win the Best Supporting Actor award from the HKFA for his performance, but his fine work also got the Best New Performer award for Jay Chou on the strength of their scenes together as father and son.

After receiving a total of 10 HKFA nominations, the movie also won Best Sound Design for Kinson Tsang King-Cheung and Best Visual Effects for the trio of Eddy Wong, Victor Wong and Bryan Chong. Though it is an awesome film thatís compelling through every frame, full appreciation is only likely through a cinema presentation.

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