Heroes Among Heroes (1993)

Donnie Yen and Hung Yan-Yan are featured in Yuen Wo-Ping's version of the Chinese war on opium. Yen plays Beggar So while Hung plays the bad Ching Prince who facilitates for the foreign drug importers. This film is a clone of Tsui Hark's popular Once Upon a Time in China and its sequels. You should be familiar with the "cashing in" segment of Hong Kong cinema that has producers copying anything that is popular at the box office.

Hees Among Heroes uses the same visual style, theme music, and copies the same serious tone when dealing with the political themes while much of the movie is played for laughs with Ng Man-Tat doing his comedic thing with Yen, Sheila Chan Suk-Laan, and Fennie Yuen Kit-Ying. Martial arts sequences are really quite good. Master Yuen uses every trick in his extensive repertoire to captivate his audience.

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