Greatest Lover (1988)

When Clarence Ford made the move from TV production over to the Hong Kong movie business, he went to work for Johnny Mak Tong-Hung's production company. Earlier, Ford had worked with Chow Yun-Fat on a TV series so he was able to cast the famous movie star in his film.

The Greatest Lover is a romantic comedy with the heavy emphasis on the comedy parts. Chow along with Eric Tsang Chi-Wai and Shing Fui-On star as mainland bumpkins seeking fortune and fame in Hong Kong. The film is full of the flamboyant flourishes that Mr. Ford will become famous for, including an extended cross-dressing sequence and some female characters that have manly "take charge" personalities.

The movie features some glorious cinematography by the future Academy Award winner Peter Pau Tak-Hai. The cast is well put together and Pau makes everyone look so good. This film greatly benefits from the participation of the genius that is Eric Tsang Chi-Wai.

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