god.com [1998]

Director - Ivan Lai Gai Ming
Producer - Chui Bo Chu
Script - Lai Gai Keung
Cast - Louis Koo Tin Lok, Anthony Wong Chau Sang, Mark Cheng Ho Nam,
Grace Lam Nga Si, Andrew Lin Hoi, Emily Kwan Bo Wai

I finally caught up to this 1998 film on DVD. It is a nice disc with a few extra's. The film itself is kind of corny, with an 'evil pope' in a kind of 'catholic' church who preaches free love and the end of the world. Ho-hum.

Most of the performers do some good work, especially Mark Cheng Ho Nam who shines as the 'devil'. Anthony Wong, playing a fortune telling police officer, is his nemisis, having busted the 'devil' years earlier on a similiar case to the one young officer Louis Koo is investigating. I loved Koo in "Bullets over Summer", but in "God.com" he is just wooden.

The script is all over the place and, at the end, is just to convuluted to make any sense. Production values are high, the movie looks real good. Worth a rental, at least.

J. Crawford 2000

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