Ghost Promise [2000]

During his almost [at the time] 30 year career as a film editor, Cheung Kwok-Kuen worked in every genre of Hong Kong cinema. With Ghost Promise [2000], he gets up from the moviola, jumps into the directing chair, and handles both jobs for only the second time. The screenplay by Yeung Gei borrows heavily from every ghost/vampire movie ever made.

Ghost Promise features a prologue with a Taoist priest, his boy student, and a European kind of vampire in a battle that keeps the evil restrained for many years. Care-free, careless teenagers unwittingly unleash The Blood Monster on what looks like 1980's Hong Kong. Eric Wan Tin-Chiu stars as the boy grown up. He basically repeats the performance he gave in Bosco Lam Hing-Lung's House of the Damned [1999] and Steve Cheng Wai-Man's Erotic Nightmare [1999]. Carrie Ng Ka-Lai is totally miscast in a comedic role and her performance is torturous.

Sadly, this film marks the last screen appearance of the lovely and talented Tamara Guo. She is the real star of Ghost Promise in her role as Mindy, a newlywed bride who never has her honeymoon thanks to those careless teens. She deserved better; in this film, and in her career.

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