Ghost Ballroom [1989]

Ghost Ballroom is some movie; a crazy kind of Hong Kong movie. An early sequence features two guys in a challenge to see who has the better, stronger tongue. The challenge involves eating the filling from baked tarts while leaving the shells intact. Their girlfriends watch them perform with looks of dreamy admiration. The loser walks away defeated, the winner gets both women.

Like some other scenes, this one has little to do with the actual plot of Ghost Ballroom, which is built around a "club girl" who is killed by her boyfriend because, oddly, she isn't willing to make the leap into full-on whoring. Fast forward to the martial arts sequences, which are quite good, and be sure not to miss the scene in the morgue! As I watched Ghost Ballroom, I kept thinking how stupid much of it was. I can't recommend this film, if only to say that you could see a lot worse.

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