Lung Fung Restaurant (1990)

Lung Fung Restaurant is a heavy-handed romantic comedy about a young ex-con and a club girl. The young man, named Lung, works in a busy restaurant, trying to live an honest life. The problem is that his best friend from the old days hangs out there, and his triad boss uses the place to meet with other bosses to settle disputes. Lung, played by Max Mok Siu-Chung, keeps getting drawn back to his old ways. His old friend is played by Stephen Chow Sing-Chi and his boss is played by Ng Man-Tat. There is a joke there somewhere.

Later, the boy's celebrate something at a nightclub. Lung meets Gigi, one of the "club girls", played by Ellen Chan Nga-Lun. They hit it off. Lots of snappy dialogue is included for Chow as he tries to "hook" girls, which everybody seems to be interested in. Honestly, Max Mok Siu-Chung's wide-eyed puppy-love expression is only a few shades from him being Sam Lee or Sammy Leung. Anyway, later we find out that Gigi's real name is Fung. So, we have Lung, who works in a restaurant, and Fung, who doesn't want to be a whore forever, in a movie called Lung Fung Restaurant. There is a joke or some irony there somewhere. They don't cook together. Things don't go so well. Ham-handed direction by Poon Man-Kit makes this film a little tough to watch.

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