Fantasy Mission Force
directed by Chu Yin-Ping[1979]
Fantasy Mission Force
The "Rumble" cash-in
Fantasy Mission Force
The "Old School" cash-in

During August 1997 while the family was doing back-to-school shopping at the mall, my wife allowed me to slip away briefly into the SunCoast Video store. I found a number of older Jackie Chan movies for about $5-$6, all re-packaged to cash in on his recent Hollywood success. They even use a photo of Jackie from Rumble in the Bronx on the video box.

Made the same year as Jackie Chan's first directorial effort The Fearless Hyena, the two films share cast & crew members. This film has got to have the wackiest plot of any movie ever made. Starring the very beautiful Brigette Lin , Fantasy Mission Force begins as a WWII adventure with the Nazi's and the Japanese capturing some Allied Generals and half a million in cash. Jackie Chan's character weaves in and out of the story in a supporting role. The film starts out wierd and gets weirder and weirder. Jackie battles dirty-dealing double-crossing Jimmy Wang Yu in the final battle with the loot being blown to smithereens.

Chan and Wang Yu also worked with director Chu on the oft-maligned Island of Fire[1990]. He also was the producer of Butterfly & Sword [1993]. You should check the book "Sex and Zen & A Bullet in the Head". Authors Hammond & Wilkins have a great review of the film, comparing it to a nitrous oxide-impaired Jerry Lewis remake of The Dirty Dozen.

This VHS version of Fantasy Mission Force [the box cover on left above] is a PAL to NTSC transfer, panned and scanned , dubbed in English by awful voice-over actors. Put out by EDDE Entertainment, the film runs 89 minutes. Let the Buyer Beware! Chan Fans should know that he appears in only 5 or 6 scenes. His newer fans may be surprised by some of the antics Jackie is up to in this film. His one-on-one finale with Wang Yu is well choreographed and very explosive!

In the main titles of the film, Chan is called Jacky . The price is certainly right and Fantasy Mission Force itself is only a tad more preposterous than the American release of Operation Condor[Armour of God 2]. Break out the ganja, microwave the popcorn, have some fun!

Copyright 1997 J. Crawford

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