Fight Back to School II (1992)

After having a major box office success, director Gordon Chan re-unites with Stephen Chow to try and capture more wealth and fame with Fight Back to School II. In the third act, director Chan infuses a bit more of the police action scenes he would become famous for later on in his career with The Final Option (1994), though there's still plenty of comedy to be had in the first hour.

Chow teams up with his pal, Ng Man-Tat, to stop some evil terrorists from blowing up some kids at an "international" school. His fiancée, played by the exceptional beauty Cheung Man, is reduced to a small supporting role. In her place, the filmmaker's use young and pretty Athena Chu to play the forbidden fruit for Chow's older, lustful character. The two films together would make a great double-feature.

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