Fight Back to School (1991)

June 2007 - Back in 1991, Stephen Chow Sing-Chi was beginning to soar as the new king of the Hong Kong box office. He was paired with, at the time, a new director named Gordon Chan Ka-Seung who wrote the screenplay with Barry Wong Ping-Yiu, a seasoned writer who worked on many fine projects. Mr. Wong is cast in a pivotal supporting role in Fight Back to School, clearly displaying some solid comedy chops. Sadly, this funny man met an early demise not long after this film was released.

Mr. Chow is teamed with his usual sidekick, Ng Man-Tat, and his usual love interest, the exceptional beauty Cheung Man. The film is quite funny, with Chow trying to pass himself off as a young student. Everyone looks like they are having a good time, particularly Kingdom Yeung King-Tan in a small role as a nerdy teacher with a sharp tongue. Roy Cheung Yiu-Yeung, of course, does a good job playing Roy Cheung playing a young triad boss.

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