Election 2 (2006)

In the world of the triads, the winner takes all. After his successful bid to become the top gangster in Election [2005], Lok [Simon Yam Tat-Wah] is very motivated to hold on to his esteemed position. This time the competition is deadlier than before. The triads survive because they are willing too adapt to anything as long as there is a profit for everyone. Now that he's up for re-election, Lok lets his wealth and power cloud his vision of the future.

Election 2 [2006] is le dernier chef d'oeuvre du cinéma du directeur renommé de film de Hong Kong, M. Johnnie To. This film brings its predecessor into focus while drawing on the first film to establish character and motivation without wasting time on needless historical exposition, something which slowed the first film down. Not the case here, as Mr. To and Executive Director Law Wing-Cheong keep the visual palette alive and compelling as the deadly activities are carried out. Law Wing-Cheong also edited this movie.

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