Ebola Syndrome (1996)

Director Herman Yau Lai-To teams up with uber-producer Wong Jing to make a film who's every frame oozes unimaginable depravity, at times so disturbing that you want to avert your eyes. The film features Anthony Wong Chau-Sang and industry veteran Lo Meng playing a couple of Hong Kong guys on the run in Johannesburg, South Africa. Lo and his Taiwanese wife run a restaurant there and Wong is one of the waiters. Wong's gives one of the oddest performances of his career playing the role of a lifetime.

Ebola Syndrome is loaded with sexual depravity, violence and murder. Misogynist and racist imagery tumbles from the screen. The scenario is tinged with sarcasm, a wink and a nod from the filmmakers. It is quite compelling, right to the final sequence with the HK police firing clip after clip into an inferno-engulfed corpse. Yau and cinematographer Puccini Yu Kwok-Ping do a fine job making all this grossness look quite lovely. The movie is bizarre, beyond belief. Don't miss it.

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