The Deadly Breaking Sword

One of the best things about the digital age that we are living in is the release of the old Shaw Bros. Studios films on DVD. One of the best of these DVD miracles is The Deadly Breaking Sword. The Shaw's Studio was blasting on all cylinders when they put this elegant, compelling film in the theaters. One of the best films of 1979, director Sun Chung teams up with action directors Tong Gaai and Wong Pau-Gei to create one of the masterpieces of this genre.

Since they all started working at the Studio around the same time, it made sense for producer Sir Run Run Shaw to give the brilliant screenplay by the legendary Ni Kuang to director Chung and cast Ti Lung and Alexander Fu Sheng along with Shih Szu and Lily Li Li-Li to bring it all to life. Trust me. ;-) Get there early for a good seat. Don't miss the absolutely brilliant opening sequence where Chung pays homage to Sergio Corbucci's seminal western Django [1966], and to Sergio Leone's grand works, as well. The film gets top honors in all aspects of production.

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