Dating Death (2004)

Herman Yau Lai-To always impress's me as a film artist who loves to shoot film, to work through his camera eye. His films are full of the energy that is drawn from a man who clearly loves what he is doing.

With Dating Death, Yau brings his usual high energy to the film. He has to work with a cast of young actors and pop stars hoping to be the movie stars of tomorrow. Weak screenplay brings a group of friends together at a spooky, CGI mansion on a remote island near Hong Kong. A murder mystery dressed up like a ghost movie; this film does not work because the group dynamic is all wrong. These annoying people couldn't possibly be friends, so what you get is a lot of unintentional comedy. Once the killings start, you'll find yourself rooting for the murderer. Yau's films always have great scary moments and he does manage to pull off a few here. This movie is for Herman Yau completists only.

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