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I saw this movie 25-Sep-98 @ the Music Palace in NYC. The sentiments in the press clippings below pretty much represent how I feel about the film. I posted a very mini-review in the Forum at the HKMDb. By Mr. Law's comment's quoted in the article, I'm sure you can detect some problems. I'd say that this film will certainly develop a large cult following.

From August 98 newspapers in SAR Hong Kong

Extreme Crisis rushes into the theater

The Bruce Law Lai Yin directed Extreme Crisis (B Gai Wat) stars Julian Cheung Chi Lam, Theresa Lee Yi Hung, and Hsu Chi. The film would memorialize the last Golden Harvest boss Leonard Ho Koon Cheung and would hit the theaters at the end of the month.

Since the story involves international terrorism, the film naturally wouldn't lack powerful action and explosion scenes which happen to be the director's specialty. Law Lai Yin said, "The worst part of the production was the dragging production made the film go over budget which made me negotiate with the boss again. After the film, I discover that everything was very tough. The film's sudden release worries me because of the lack of time for promotion. Luckily the film is a quality production and I have confidence in it."

From Ming Pao Daily, September 3, 1998

Only released for a few days, Extreme Crisis (B Gai Wat) is an action and car chase director Bruce Law Lai Yin's directorial debut. This film is a Chinese-Japanese collaboration with one action sequence after another which is watchable. However its box office has been on the low end. Luckily on Tuesday its box office figures rose and in its 4 day run it made 1.2 million. The director has spent a lot of work on designing the action and explosion scenes and the film is worth supporting.

Undeniably Hong Kong film script's weak points have become more and more apparent and immediate changes will be impossible.

Ghost film Troublesome Night 4 (Yum Yeung Lo 4 ji Yu Gwai Tung Hung) did better than Extreme Crisis by taking in 3.38 million in 8 days. - Kwok Hin Ching

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