Cop Shop Babes (2001)

Wong Jing steps in front of the camera to play a pivotal supporting role in a comedy film directed by Aman Chang that features Carina Lau Ka-Ling along with Eason Chan Yik-Shun and Jerry Lamb Hiu-Fung. Director Chang got his start working for Wong Jing as an assistant director and here he is serving as Wong’s stand-in behind the camera. This movie is 100% Wong Jing from start to finish although he doesn’t take any production credit on screen.

Cop Chop Babes opens with a lengthy prologue displaying the self-awareness that is part of Hong Kong movies. We meet the latest in a long line of goofy cop buddies, Beer [Eason Chan] and Satay [Jerry Lamb], as they break character and the 4th wall to introduce themselves to the audience. The screenplay written by veteran Sze-To Cheuk-Hon continues throughout with references to the police action films of the 1960’s to the 1990’s while parodying plenty of local and Hollywood box office hits. Action direction by Ma Yuk-Sing makes all the “babes” look cool. Co-starring funny man Cheung Tat-Ming as a cross-dressing low-life police informant, this film is the finest example of puerile buffoonery made in the 21st century [so far!].

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