Cocktail (2005)

The personal dramas and romantic entanglements of several strangers unfold inside a bar called the Half-Mortal, though the sign outside says Heaven and Hell. This is a small, hip place where the customer is always right and the pubís owner [Candy Lo Hau-Yam] is always depressed and buying everyone drinks. Working alongside college student and barkeeper Stella [Race Wong Yuen-Ling], newcomer Paul [singer Endy Chow] learns the ropes of the business and attracts media attention with his flashy drink mixing skills. Meanwhile, as the bartenders keep the drinks flowing, the regulars keep pouring out their hearts.

Cocktail is a good looking film that manages to be quite compelling as it shifts focus from character to character. The movie features a standout performance by Derek Tsang Kwok-Cheung as a man struggling to balance his working life and the love life he shares with Bobo Chan Man-Woon. Look for yet another cool as ice performance by Eric Kot Man-Fai in a small supporting role as the bar owner's muse. Singer Endy Chow does well in his first film role as a conflicted young man who struggles in a troubled relationship with his father, played brilliantly by Lawrence Cheng Tan-Shui.

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