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Best Picture 1998
Can : Yuet Dor Lok Yuet Ying Hung
Lit : The Harder The Fall The More Heroic
Written and Produced by Wong Jing
Directed by Clarence Ford (Fok Yiu Leung)
Starring: Alex Fong Chung Shun, Stephen Fung Tak Lun,
Sunny Chan Kam Hung, Kathy Chau Hoi Mei
Rating : IIB
Length : 99 mins.

Like a good rollercoaster, this movie left me with my butt firmly planted in the theatre seat. Riveting performances from the cast combined with the classy cinematography and a taut Wong Jing script make Cheap Killers the best HK movie I saw in 1998!

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The following are plot descriptions culled from HK press reports prior to release.
(These summaries hardly tell the whole story!)

Two assassins, one is a playboy, and the other is calm and collected. Their boss betrays them both and they fall into hard times. The playboy even becomes impotent after being sodomized. The other one can only work on jobs involving manual labor to care for his partner. Both suffers through all kinds of pain, waiting for their day of revenge.

Yat Tiu and Lan Sam are outstanding assassins. After numerous collaborations, the pair are like brothers. After successfully killing mob boss Jim Ye, they are betrayed by their boss Uncle Reason who drives Yat Tiu to insanity with torture. Lan Sam can only go into hiding with Yat Tiu and live in inhuman conditions, but Uncle Reason doesn't stop there. Instead he sets a trap to lure them out......

Yat Tiu and Sam are both veteran hitmen. One day, Yat Tiu begins a torrid affair with Ling, the wife of Ma, an arms dealer. To consummate their passion, Yat Tiu kills Ma. While on a mission, Yat Tiu and Sam incur the wrath of a triad boss and is advised by their agent to flee. In turns out that their agent has betrayed them, and Yat Tiu suffers brain damage from the sound thrashing he gets. It is now up to Sam to protect him...

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